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What’s Important to You?: Everyone has different goals when it comes to their farm or ranch. Several folks out there are on multi-generation ranches and have dreams of making them bigger and better. Some of us aspire to have a quiet place to enjoy the outdoors with our families. There are also many out there that invite the community over to learn new farming techniques. No matter your goals, let Ranch Builder help you save time and maximize profits so you can focus on the things you care about most. Here’s how…

Our Markets: Sure, we have a market for cattle and hay; but we also offer a marketplace for all those other animals you might have. We call it Open Range because it’s pretty diverse. And aside from livestock, we can help customers manage their hay business like a pro! By combining the power of the Hay Market and Dashboards you now have a powerful business software. If you're a Marketer or Auction Barn, you'll love using Ranch Builder to showcase your inventory. For marketers, you can broker your sales and watch your inventory adjust each time a sale is made (or you can update manually for offline sales). For Auction Barns, let your producers bring the inventory in early and use the platform to get out in front of your competition. If you're an individual seller and you like to sell at the auction, just maintain a listing on Ranch Builder and keep your quantities up to date. Once you settle your purchase quantities, put the shipment out for bid on the patented Carrier platform. We’ve taken all the things that we feel ranchers spend a lot of time and energy on, and we’ve packaged it all up into a professional platform that helps you manage your business. Oh, and it's free.

Keeping it Simple: Ranch Builder was founded by ranchers, and this upgraded website platform (2 years in the making) has been created to make your life easier. There are no shareholders and there is no parent company that is watching our every move. We’re not a large company by any stretch and we care more about bringing something new and different to folks than we do about being the next big corporation. At Ranch Builder, we keep it simple because life is complicated enough. We focus on saving ranchers time, building trust, and standing by our strong code of ethics. We will help you build your dreams instead of creating a lot of work for you. You’ll have a platform to manage your business anywhere you might be, and with any internet device you might have. If you’re not growing your business, then we’re not doing our job…let us know about it.

A Community Built on Trust: As a seller, we can help protect your contact information so that you only have to deal with serious buyers. Our unique communication method helps you make a safe initial contact. The rating system will help ensure over time that we have only the best sellers listing on the site! You can filter what you see down to only those sellers close to you and you can get a trusting carrier to move your purchases from farm to farm. You can even conduct sales online by using PayPal or one of our trusted escrow providers. You can view your transaction history for both purchases and shipments, which can help you plan your business.

Here to Serve You!: In closing, we know that everyone has different goals and different ways of managing their farm. Regardless of the size of our operations, we are all producing something important that will feed or support our communities. We know you’ll find Ranch Builder your best source for animals, hay, and transportation; and we know our sellers and carriers will find our platform very efficient and streamlined. If you’ve read through and still don’t know what Ranch Builder is all about, call us at 1-888-726-2495 or email info@ranchbuilder.com. We’d love to hear from you! Happy trails!


Ranch Builder follows a strong set of foundational values…


The most valuable commodity we market at Ranch Builder.


If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably wrong.


Treat others with the same consideration and professional courtesy we expect for ourselves.


When a Rancher waits, they are losing money. Help them quickly and courteously.


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Share your thoughts, listen, and respect each other’s ideas.


If it doesn’t save our Ranchers time, then we don’t do it!